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    11 Yishun Industrial Street 1
    North Springs Bizhub
    Singapore 768089

    Tel : +65 6465 0441


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read before you drop us an enquiry form.

    Apart from Carton Box or Parcel box, do you offer other designs?

    We are a full fledge corrugated carton manufacturer.We offer the full range of corrugated paper products.
    Please email us if you have any other requirements not listed on this website.

    Do you do printing on cartons?

    Yes, we do. As there is printing plates and artwork cost.There will be additional charges.
    Please email us your requirements and we will contact you.

    Can you do urgent rushed jobs?

    We manufacture the cartons in-house. Please let us know if you need cartons urgently.
    If our production schedule allow its, we can expedite the order.

    What can I get delivery of the cartons?

    Our standard production lead time is 1 week.
    If you need them earlier,please let us know upfront.We will do our best to accommodate.

    How do you ship the boxes to me?

    We have our own trucks for delivery. However, If you choose to self-collect, we will be happy to waive off the delivery costs.

    Is there a Minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

    Our MOQ is 5 pc. We will custom it to your size and deliver the box to you.

    Can you do large volumes order?

    We are a carton manufacturing factory. We love big orders. Send us an email enquiry. We will get back to you quickly.